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Sponsorship Benefits

Soccer is a way of life, viewed by many as more than a sport! It’s a global phenomenon underpinning a cultural passion spanning across the world; encompassing encompassing pride, self-esteem, and a sense of community.

This cultural phenomenon creates a significant marketing opportunity for a variety of companies to target adult and young soccer consumers in the area. “Your Sponsorship Is A Partnership” and CIASA provides your business exposure to hundreds of participants, families, fans, coaches and the community at large.

We, at CIASA believe our passion for soccer bringing people and families together - while creating tremendous business opportunities in our local communities. Our passion along with your sponsorship support would ensure the success of achieving our goals while providing an excellent marketing platform for your product or services to our communities.  Your valued sponsorship will allow us to keep the sport affordable for teams/players while promoting healthy outlooks.

CIASA values its partnerships with its corporate and individual donors and promise to serve as great stewards of your generous investment. We are committed to delivering valuable benefits and a positive partnership experience to each sponsor. Please note that we are more than happy to customize sponsorships to meet your specific marketing objectives within our soccer demographics in Indiana. We would love to hear from you and hope that we can count on you to help support the adults in our community.

Please contact CIASA President Huss Sadri at: or 317-702- 8855