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Player Registration

Important Registration Prerequisite Requirements for All Players & Managers

  1. All sanctioned players MUST be fully registered with CIASA
  2. The following items must be completed in GotSoccer (
    • Register as a player/member under CIASA and,
    • Upload a current color player photo (Facial only similar to ID photo) – Registration requests with Missing Photos will NOT be processed.
    • Player’s correct date of birth and full contact information (mailing address, email, and cellphone).
    • Select your registered team name and division.
    • Make payments using credit/debit cards. If successful players would receive an automated confirmation email.
    • All player registration requests will be checked/approved by CIASA. However, if CIASA prerequisites are not fully satisfied at the time of registration process, then the application will be delayed, or not processed.  
    • Players are responsible for updating their own contact information in their profile/account.

Note: The above steps are important for liability and accidental health coverage purposes. Failing to comply with the above policy will result in the players’ passes not issued/processed by Indiana Soccer and the player will not be able to participate in any CIASA sanctioned games. In addition, all referees will be checking player passes prior to all games.

Important Notes to Team Managers

  • Avoid putting your own contact information when helping players with their registrations. This is prerequisite policy.
  • Be sure to print player passes from the designated team profile page and have them laminated individually & available during each game for all primary and secondary (double roster) players as referees will check all passes prior to games.

Additional Resources

  • CIASA Player Registration instructions are also available in multiple other languages. Please select the required Google language option at top left of the web page headings.
  • For players seeking Over 35/45/55 divisions please see additional instructions under age limitation policy.
  • All Player removals, transfers, and/or double rosters requests must be submitted in writing to CIASA officer only (please do not copy or send request to Indiana Soccer). The request must be provided using clear information of players’ names, current primary team status and any requested information.
  • Any further assistance or clarifications should be forwarded  to the CIASA officer on or call 317-702-8855.