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Referee Expectations & Performances

Instructions for the Initial 2 Weeks of the Outdoor Season (Spring/Fall)

For the purpose of liability, it is extremely important for all assigned referees to make sure that all participating players to have a valid player pass or copy of confirmation email of player registration along with presenting their government ID for verification purposes. CIASA would also provide email to the team managers acknowledging the player registration (contact Huss Sadri 317-702-8855). Referees should be aware that under no circumstances should a player be allowed to participate in any CIASA sanctioned games without the satisfaction of this stipulation and full approval of the CIASA Executive team without any exceptions.

During the first week or two of the outdoor seasons (Spring/Fall), we have some starting challenges such as –

  • Some teams may be new teams that recently joined CIASA or
  • Some existing teams that may have last min player registration additions or
  • Indiana Soccer administrative issues (as they handle all player registrations/transfers/double rosters etc.) or
  • Some existing system errors which would require further time to be fully compliant with CIASA guidelines & policies.

Hence, we would appreciate & request referees to be more flexible and accommodating but vigilant with our rules/policies and to practice common sense especially when checking player passes etc. during games. In addition, we appreciate referees to offer further guidance & clarifications to team managers or representatives and players to fix these outstanding issues at their earliest conveniences through CIASA and preferably before their next sanctioned game to be compliant with CIASA policies. 

It is important for referees to include and update any such information on the game report under “Game Incidents” section after each game in order to be reviewed by CIASA officials.

Important Information to Note:

  • If players’ passes are missing or if there are any other issues such as missing/damaged player photo, then referees must verify the player’s identity using their Government ID or a passport etc. Please note that last minute player additions may apply in which their player passes may not have been processed or completed promptly by Indiana Soccer (See above instructions). 
  • Center referees must obtain their own Game Card copy prior to each game.
  • If a player’s name(s) is missing from the official Game Card, the referee should seek further evidence such as the player’s payment confirmation receipt copy (verify ID). 
  • Referees must advise and recommend team managers/players to resolve & correct any discrepancies with CIASA before their next sanctioned game.
  • If there are any immediate concerns/questions relating player verifications, then the referee(s) must contact CIASA officials (Huss Sadri - 317-702-8855) for further assistance.

Important Guidelines & Standard Practices For Referees

  • CIASA Policy states that All team managers/players Must abide by all decisions of the game officials during sanctioned matches.
  • Only fully registered players will be allowed to participate at CIASA matches – No Exceptions!
  • Players are Not Permitted to play on more than one team within the same division within the same season.
  • All team managers must provide Game Cards + laminated Player’ passes or temporarily color prints to each sanctioned game. It is under the discretion of the center referees to request team managers to distribute player passes to each player in order to verify and match photos to players’. If a player’s photo was not clear or in question, referees can request player ID for further verification.
  • Team managers must be responsible to indicate on the Game Cards (manually or system generated) the correct jersey numbers for players participating in the match prior to the match kick-off.
  • Referees Must check that each player participating has the correct jersey number on the game card to match the info provided by the team manager/representative (this will help referees better identify players on the pitch.
  • Referees Must make sure that the participating players’ names are present on the Game Roster/Card. Missing players’ names should be checked for proof of registration or acknowledgement from CIASA registration officer (email or phone) otherwise they cannot participate in the match. 
  • If players’ photo are missing from the passes, or damaged beyond recognition, the referee Must request alternative form of ID (State or federal ID) from the player to verify identity authentication. Team managers must be advised to correct/revise this issue with CIASA. In addition, the center referee must report this in the game report notes (game incidents section).
  • If a player does not provide a valid pass or is unable to provide an acceptable form of ID then the referee Must Not allow the player to participate in the sanctioned game for liability purposes. Unless prior authorization from CIASA. This info must be noted on the Game Report.
  • The referee will hold on all players’ passes until the end of the match. Then the referee Must return the player’s passes back to the team manager after the end of the games.
  • Any players arriving late to the game must be check in and verified with the Referee or Assistant Referee on the sideline (photo, correct team, year of registration etc.). AR should have the copy of the Game Card to verify the player pass and to note the player’s name and jersey number on the Game Card before the player can be allowed to enter the game.
  • Players must have the proper uniforms (all players with same color numbered jerseys. Numbers may not be duplicated on the player’s Jerseys participating in the match. No taped or written numbers on the jerseys will be permitted without the discretion of the center referee. The Referee has the discretion to not allow players to play if they do not meet these requirements but with a warning and a note made on the game report. If this warning is not adhered to by the players/team managers in future games, the player that is not properly uniformed will not be allowed to participate in the match. Similarly, if the entire team does not bring a uniform, the team will forfeit the match and the opponent will have the win. Again it’s up to the discretion of the center referees to make a decision in this case.
  • All referees Must ensure that participating players are wearing shin guards at every game (one of the rules of the liability coverage) to provide reasonable protection. Players who do not have shin guards will not be allowed to participate in the match but will remain at the discretion of the referee and CIASA.
  • There will be unlimited substitution during CIASA sanctioned games but must be done with consent and acknowledgement of the referees first.
  • Registered players can double roaster with another team from a different division but must be age verified and approved by CIASA for age limit divisions (O35/45/55) prior to game participation otherwise the team would forfeit the match. CIASA would provide a separate player pass for the double rostered player (also shown as “S” or Secondary player on the Game Cards) upon prior request from the team manager to CIASA. The players’ names must appear on the game card roster.
  • A player, who is sent-off (red carded) by the referee as a result of a 2nd caution (yellow cards) or excessive physical force in the same match, will be suspended from playing for at least one (1) sanctioned game. In addition, the player receiving the red card Must leave the field location immediately to avoid any further incidentsNo Exceptions!
  • The Center Referee must complete a game report for each game in GotSoccer within 24 hours from game end. The game report must include the game scores, any important notes under game incidents section and any red card incident(s). Any referee who fails to complete the game report in GotSoccer within 24 hours of the conclusion of the game will be reported by the league officials to the State Referee Association (Samir Yasa) and the referee assignors for further training or disciplinary action.
  • CIASA officials will maintain a record of all referees’ poor performances during each season for performance evaluations and will recommend the removal of any referee from future assignments for failing to adhere to the CIASA’s policies, performance expectations, and standards of refereeing.
  • The game report in GotSoccer must include any important but brief information in regards to the game such as the conduct of the players and team officials before, during and after the match if applicable and any guidelines violations.
  • CIASA will maintain a record of all players who are issued yellow and red cards and will take further appropriate disciplinary action(s) internally to insure the players’ safety and the integrity of the games.

Violent Conduct Incidents

Team managers/coaches are always responsible for the players’, and their fans’ conduct on the field and the bench area prior, during and after a match. Inappropriate conduct as defined and determined by the referees team will not be tolerated or accepted. Irresponsible behavior such as abusive language, spitting at a person, obscene language, intentional violent play or excessive physicality, violent conduct. use of drugs or alcohol, or any other bahavior detrimental to the game or players will not be tolerated by CIASA.

Important Notes:

  • The failure of a team manager/coach to control his or her players and fans may result in further disciplinary action by the CIASA Executive Board.
  • Referees Must report in GotSoccer any violent conduct, fights, or any incident that brings disrepute to the game within 24 hours of the conclusion of the game, when a player receives a red card for violent conduct or when a team manager/coach is dismissed from a game, the referee Must complete a Supplement Game Report in addition to the normal game report. The supplemental game report must be e-mailed by the center referee to the SRA and CIASA official Huss Sadri ( and the referees assignors for review. This will lead to an internal investigation of the incident along with any appropriate disciplinary action. CIASA has a timely internal process in place hence it vital for referees to submit these reports at their earliest convenience within the 24 hours’ timeframe. A supplemental form is provided in CIASA website ( under “Referees” tab. Any questions or concerns on how to fill the supplemental form, please contact your SRA, assignors, or CIASA officer. The Supplemental Report must be detailed while the game report notes must be brief. Communications must be maintained by referees to CIASA and SRA/Assignors if and when needed.
  • Any Referee or Assistant Referee abuse or assault must be reported to the SRA and CIASA official Huss Sadri (huss.sadri@ciasa.orgwithin 24 hours of the incident. The referee must complete the “Referee Abuse and Assault” form which can also be found on CIASA website under “Referees” tab.
  • Red Card “Violator(s)” must be instructed to leave the immediate vicinity and field location and the game clock should be allowed to continue until the “Violator(s)” have left the area. Under no circumstances should the “Violator(s)” be allowed to remain even with assurances from his team manager. 

Further Information & Expectations

  • All Referees must insure that their game reports and game scores have been successfully saved and correctly uploaded in the GotSoccer system. In addition, uploading reports may face some technical issues using certain cell phones as GotSoccer may not be compatible with certain devices' or softwares. It’s important to note that there are 2 buttons when saving reports in GotSoccer, the first is for saving a game score and the second is for saving the entire game report, hence, it’s vital & important for both buttons to be clicked in order to save both functions.
  • Referees who are playing in the CIASA Must Not be assigned or accept games as referees within the same division or club that they are registered as participating players. This is to eliminate any perception of bias or favoritism. It is also the referees’ responsibility to notify their assignors & SRA prior to games or season commencement.
  • Referees and/or Assistant Referees are required to be on the field at least 30 minutes prior to the kick off time. CIASA league will not tolerate tardiness as we have other guidelines in place and referees’ late arrivals may hinder or affect these rules (such as the 15 min rule). The league also understands that there may be occasions where an emergency may delay the official from arriving 30 minutes prior to games. However, in such circumstances where a referee arrival will be delayed or may not be able to attend the game, it is the referee’s responsibility to communicate this to his assigned referee team, referee assignors and CIASA official.
  • Officials, who arrive late to games, after the kick off time, must forfeit half their game fee.
  • Officials who fail to show up to their accepted assignments and without prior communication & justified reason will not be assigned any future CIASA games.
  • The assignor must update the league officers and SRA of any late referees or any referee who fails to show up to their assignment.
  • Any forfeited games, referee team must notify their assignor, SRA and CIASA officials of such incidents and provide the referee team’s contact information along with their preferred form of reimbursed payments via email to CIASA. In addition, the center referee must also provide a game report indicating to the reason for the forfeit and updating the game score with a “3” points to the winning team and “0” for the forfeited team. CIASA will compensate and mail the referees their payments for their services in full.   
  • Any referees experiencing system technical issues or requiring further system/process training should contact their SRA & Assignors for further assistance and copy CIASA on any of the problems/challenges that hinders their progresses/performances.

For O/45 & O55 Divisions Only:

On the fly subbing has been approved by CIASA executive team during sanctioned O/45 & O55 only. However, the following contingencies and measures must be followed in a bid to maintain order during games:

  • ALL players including the ones that arrive late (after the scheduled kick off time) are to be fully verified & checked by the referees/ARs before participating in this "On-The-Fly" policy. The player(s) arriving late must wait to be verified before participating in the match to avoid any game disruptions. It is a good practice for the AR nearest to the starting point of the game (where the teams are gathered) to have the game cards with him/her to check the players’ names (when convenient), notate/verify players' jersey numbers and verify/check player passes. 
  • Any illegal players found participating in the match will lead to a forfeit of the team hence team managers/captains must be accountable for all their players and their actions at all times per CIASA policies & guidelines.
  • All on-the-fly player substitutions MUST be done at the sidelines by the center line at the middle of the field. This must be done after the AR/Center Referee has given their consent to go ahead. All players that are being substituted MUST leave the field First before other substituted player(s) could come into the game.