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CIASA Indoor 7v7 Fall 2022-23 Knockout Tournament Session I @ ZYSA

CIASA Indoor 7v7 Open Soccer League - Knockout Tournament Results

  • Fall 2022-23 CIASA Indoor 7v7 Knockout Tournament Team Finalist Fall 2022-23 CIASA Indoor 7v7 Knockout Tournament Team Finalist Compass FC vs. Panthers FC
  • Compass FC Fall Knockout Indoor Champs all 2022-23 CIASA Indoor 7v7 Knockout Tournament Champs - Compass FC
CIASA 7v7 Indoor Soccer Winter Session 2 2023 Flyer Info

CIASA 7v7 Indoor Winter Session II 2023 Adult Soccer League @ ZYSA

We are happy to announce our continued CIASA Winter Session II 2023 Indoor Adult Soccer 7v7 League, starting games on Sun 02/19/2023 from 7 pm onwards. Team Registrations are currently open. Please see our team registration form, and payments can be made using our NO Transaction fee PayPal link on this homepage. Early Bird team registration with full team fee payment provides free team jerseys (up to 15 players). Team Registration Fee $720 for 7 games + a knockout Tournament. Minimum Deposit required at registration is $250. Team rosters limit to 15 players. 55 minutes games each. Admission charge per player $10 per session or $2 per game payable at the door in cash.

Please note that our games are competitive fun and exciting but team numbers will be limited to 8 teams first come first served. If you have any questions or suggestions please send them to 

Thank you

CIASA Management

CIASA Spring 2023 Outdoor Adult Soccer League Info Update

To All Our Soccer Communites:

Our CIASA Spring 2023 Outdoor Adults Soccer League will be commencing in March 2023 starting with teams General Meeting. There will be approximately a 3-week team registration period, followed by Player Registrations and scheduling of games. Tentatively our Spring 2023 games will kick off towards the 3rd or 4th Sun in April. We will send out email notifications to all our teams and announce more information on our Facebook pages and our website If your team like to be included in our email notification and invitations to participate in our Spring General Meeting please send us an email to

We are planning to have some major changes to our adult soccer league divisions and a new team management portal. We will not be utilizing Gotsport as our preferred player/team registration system.  CIASA will also be aiming to reduce our player registration annual and seasonal fees considerably. We are also aiming to restore some divisions Premier, Open, O30/40 O50, and our O50/60 Vets (8v8) divisions. If you have any questions, suggestions, or ideas please send them our way. 

Our community members are reaching out for potential in advertising and marketing their products and services exclusively with CIASA members via our website or sponsoring specific pages. So we are hoping to add them as partners and to promote their Indiana small business efforts. Your support is greatly appreciated as always. We listen to your needs and recommendations to continue to promote the wonderful spirit of Soccer.

Any questions please send any questions to We are also seeking good committed people to be part of our league association to help us expand and improve our services and experiences.

Thank you

CIASA Management

Indoor Team Registration Form For Fall/Winter 2022 - Adult Soccer 7v7

Existing and New Teams Need to fill a team registration form For Fall/Winter Indoor 7v7 Session 2022

League Notifications & Schedules

Game cancellations and league news

CIASA 2022 Outdoor Games Schedules & Standings

All registered players and assigned team Captains/Coaches should be able to access the games schedules through their GotSport Player Accounts as well.

Player Registration 2022

Player Registration Link for 2022

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COVID-19 Donation Drive

We know several of you might be saying why ask now when financially several members might be affected?

CIASA realizes this may not be the best time to ask, but no time is ever a good time. As a membership organization, we support you throughout the soccer seasons, today we are asking for your help! CIASA has a goal of raising $7,000, let's see how far we can get!

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